Making Valentine’s Boxes

After a long night of 4 girls and a sleepover, today we needed to do Valentine’s Day boxes.  Allie was pretty good from the start with doing SpongeBob, but Ashley originally wanted to do a volcano Valentine box.  After scouring Google and not finding any instance of such a critter, some fabulous off-task folks at work helped me find a penguin box, which she immediately fell in love  (thank God!!).

Today we spent shopping for most of the morning for all the goodies we needed and then the afternoon putting these bad boys together.  Does anyone have hints on how to get spraypaint off your hands?

All in all, I think they turned out pretty good.  So glad they did, because I didn’t want to hear Ashley tell me again …”Fine, I will just do a box with stickers on it like I have every year since Kindergartern.”