Swim Practice!

Shoot, I just lost my whole post!  But in a nutshell, I am doing:  February Photo a Day.


Get up and VOTE!

Wow, 2 posts in a day.  That was certainly never my intent!  But I think this one is important.  We went to vote today.  I say we, because I always take my girls with me to vote.  I do that because I want them to understand and appreciate the right to vote.  I am hoping that I am instilling the value of voting in them.

I remember the last time I took them, I was telling them how not so long ago women did not have the right to vote.  They cannot even comprehend what that means.  Today I explained if you don’t vote, you can’t complain.  And I vote, so I can complain, and I do!  But nothing will change if you don’t get up and do something!

A Rose

I work from home.  That can be good and bad.  It can get quite lonely at times, never having adult interaction except via the internet.  Today as I look out my window I see a rose bloom, a bloom I never would have seen if not for one of my very best friends that I met via that interaction over the internet.  She is one of my co-workers, and I don’t get to “see” her that often, but I talk to her everyday.  She is more there for me than any “in-person” friend I have ever had.  I can cry about work, personal struggles, kids; but I can also laugh and giggle over the very same things.

So why is this rose bush so special?  The first year I was single post-marriage and was sad that I wouldn’t receive flowers on Valentines Day (not that I ever really did) a very special thing happened.  On Valentine’s Day there was a knock at my door and flowers arrived.  Not just any flowers, but this rose bush.  And not from just anyone, but from my very wonderful friend who knew exactly what I needed.

I planted that bush, and even though I don’t take care of it as well as I should (almost like my incredible friendship), it continues to bloom and make me smile.  Best Valentine’s flowers ever!

Going for Milk

I can only imagine there are different ideas of what is the worst part of being a single mom.  For me, it is realizing (after the kids are ready for bed) that you are out of something that they need for the morning.

I can handle sleeping alone and spending holidays alone; but knowing you are out of one thing and wrestling the kids into the car to go get it is agony!

Tonight, it was milk.  The girls love milk every morning with Carnation Instant Breakfast.  We were out, and I had to drag them after showers to the store.  I suck!  I should have made the marriage work, why did I do this to them?

Sometimes being a single mom just sucks, and life slaps you in the face and laughs at you.  Damn you life!