My Bucket List in Reverse

Wow, I am so glad I stumbled on Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop.  It’s kinda fun to do something different.  So this week, I am choosing the prompt:  Create a reverse bucket list that names the top ten things you never want to do. (Inspired by The Hairpin).

Holy cow…when I picked this prompt I thought “easy pease!”.  Yeah, I was so very wrong; this was hard.

#10:  Complete a triathlon:  Why would anyone want to do that to themselves?  I think I will be just fine in life without doing one of those.

#9:  Watch the complete series of Star Wars, Twilight or the Godfather:  Why do people seem so shocked when you haven’t seen all of those movies?  Get over it people!

#8:  See the Ball Drop in Times Square:  Every time I see that crowd on New Year’s Eve, all I can think about is–where do you go to the bathroom?

#7:  Learn to dive:  I think I am a bit claustrophobic, and the thought of being at the bottom of the ocean with a tank on my back and a think shoved in my mouth gives me the willies.  Don’t need to do that!

#6:  Learn to Fly:  I hate to fly, hate hate hate!  While other people may believe I will feel more in control and comfortable if I am flying the plane myself; I don’t buy it.

#5:  Hike the Appalachian Trail:  I had this old ex-boyfriend who really wanted to do this.  I am not sure what part of it seems appealing.  Hiking all day, no bathrooms, no hot shower, no wine, no hot coffee, no internet.  No way, not for me.

#4:  Skydive or Bungee Jump:  In a world of so many things that can go wrong, why laugh in the face of fate?  Just doesn’t seem safe to me, why risk it?

#3:  Live in a cold place:  I live in Florida, and yes the summers are brutally hot and humid; and the hurricanes aren’t fun either.  But I get cold when it gets in the 60’s.  I have no desire to shovel snow.  I don’t need a White Christmas to feel merry.  I am just fine with my palm trees and sand!

#2:  Get married again:  I know I probably said I would never get married before I got married, but there is really no reason for me to ever get married again.  I am not having any more kids so I don’t really need to be married.  I just need to be loved!  Although, I do appreciate fine jewelry!

#1:  Die:  Yeah, somehow I don’t think I will be able to keep from doing this one.  But man it scares the ever-living shit out of me and I just really don’t want it to happen.


Happy Valentine’s Day to the loves of my life!!

Of course my girls are the loves of my life!  They keep my world spinning even when it feels like it is spinning out of control.  The crazy part, when I first started dating my ex-husband I didn’t think I wanted kids, or at least that is what I said.  I didn’t want them to grow up in the inevitable broken home that I did.  But, I fell in love and found myself wanting a family more than anything.  And we did, the best thing that ever happened in my life.  The marriage didn’t last, but I think we have done a darn good job of ensuring the girls don’t feel like they come from a broken home.  I am quite proud of that accomplishment.  And even though it didn’t all turn out as I had hoped, it is better than I could have ever asked for.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

A photo a day…

Each morning, or at least I try each morning, to take a picture of my girls (sorry one is blurry today).  Last year I did great, only missing a few days when I traveled for work–click here— this year hasn’t been as good, but it isn’t terrible.  (This Year)  I always post them on Facebook, I think family and friends far away enjoy it.  I do get some comments such as, “I can’t believe you make them do that”, “why do you do that”, “are you nuts?”.  In the beginning, my oldest didn’t love it.  In fact I tried one year, and she made me stop 1/2 way through.  But now it is habit.  My youngest acts like she loves it.  I think someday they will enjoy looking back and seeing these pictures.  I know I do.  I love them so much, and I always hope they know that.  They are my world.  They are the reason I breath.  They are my perfect, wonderful angels!

Quiet Superbowl Sunday–just the way I like it!

It was a quiet, but fabulous, Superbowl Sunday!  Milkman and I spent the day running some errands and fixing a few things at his house, then we settled in for the game.  Neither one of us really were excited by the games; he wanted the Giants to lose and I wanted to see the Madonna half time show.  My Superbowl needs were met!

This is much harder than I thought!

This photo a day thing has been much harder than I thought!  Today was “hands” and I had envisioned a plan for this in my head, but my head never seems to be with me when I need it.  I had thought a great hands pic would be to take a pic of me and my girls hands together.  Sounds great, right?  Well, I forgot this morning, and I forgot this afternoon when they stopped by, and now they are off to their dad’s for the weekend.  Crap–this photo a day wasn’t supposed to be this stressful!

So instead, I took a shot of my hands typing.  It seems like that is all I really do anyways.  I work from home for a virtual school so I am always on the computer, perhaps too much.  I can see I am getting older from my hands.  A woman’s hands show many things.  Hands show your age.   They show if you are single.   I think we forget to take care of our hands, perhaps I will do that tonight!

Day 2: Words

Today is day 2 of pic a day.  My pic today sucks and I admit it.  It has been an emotionally exhausting week and tonight just sent me over the edge.  So while at swimming practice I looked all around for “Words” and saw these on the wall at the Y.  Perhaps if more people lived by these words, people’s weeks wouldn’t suck so bad!