Happy Valentine’s Day to the loves of my life!!

Of course my girls are the loves of my life!  They keep my world spinning even when it feels like it is spinning out of control.  The crazy part, when I first started dating my ex-husband I didn’t think I wanted kids, or at least that is what I said.  I didn’t want them to grow up in the inevitable broken home that I did.  But, I fell in love and found myself wanting a family more than anything.  And we did, the best thing that ever happened in my life.  The marriage didn’t last, but I think we have done a darn good job of ensuring the girls don’t feel like they come from a broken home.  I am quite proud of that accomplishment.  And even though it didn’t all turn out as I had hoped, it is better than I could have ever asked for.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


Making Valentine’s Boxes

After a long night of 4 girls and a sleepover, today we needed to do Valentine’s Day boxes.  Allie was pretty good from the start with doing SpongeBob, but Ashley originally wanted to do a volcano Valentine box.  After scouring Google and not finding any instance of such a critter, some fabulous off-task folks at work helped me find a penguin box, which she immediately fell in love  (thank God!!).

Today we spent shopping for most of the morning for all the goodies we needed and then the afternoon putting these bad boys together.  Does anyone have hints on how to get spraypaint off your hands?

All in all, I think they turned out pretty good.  So glad they did, because I didn’t want to hear Ashley tell me again …”Fine, I will just do a box with stickers on it like I have every year since Kindergartern.”

Trip to the Crowley Museum

Today the girls and I went to the Crowley Museum and Nature Center for a field trip for Allie’s class.  Some of the kids and parents were staying for camping tonight, but since it is going to be in the low 30’s tonight, us Florida gals decided to not camp out but we are having a sleepover with their friends here.  We had lots of fun walking the trails, doing zip-lines, seeing how “Crackers” lived back then.  While having hotdogs for lunch we watched a Civil War Enactment.  All very interesting activities.  It is amazing that 30 minutes from home is a place that seems like another state.

Wish me luck, I am off to referee 4 girls who can’t all seem to get along all at once!

More field trip pics here, but they weren’t taken with my iPhone

Daddy-Daughter Dance

I think last night was the absolute sweetest thing I have ever seen.  It was the night of the daddy-daughter dance.  It was the first time the girls had been and they were so excited.  We went and got their hair done, they got all dressed up and then waited for their dad to pick them up.  They were so nervous, it was almost reminiscent of my first date many moons ago.  When he arrived, he had them each a corsage for their wrist.  They happily put them on and swept out the door to their dance.  They were home a few hours later, so happy and so excited, even though it was pouring rain when they got out of the dance.

I love seeing the girls so happy!

Click here for more pictures.

A girl being walked by her dog

This is my youngest daughter being walked by one of our crazy dogs today.  It’s funny, Lily (the dog) used to seem super crazy-crazy, but with the addition of Chloe she doesn’t seem so nuts anymore, rather she seems like an old cranky lady.  I guess that’s what happens when a younger woman moves in your territory.  I would love if the Dog Whisperer would come spend a couple of hours with us, we really need it.  Maybe a visit from the Nanny too.  Heck, while we are it, that Remodeling show crew too!