Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day…..so much pressure!  It sucks when you are single and is just full of pressure when you aren’t.  Today, the Milkman and I were supposed to go to a hockey game.  Well, stomach issues with him and my mom (the babysitter) siderailed that plan.  Yet, it was still a great day!  Milkman came home from work early, with tummy issues, and I went over after I was done working (which is essentially never as I take my laptop with me).  To my surprise, there a were a dozen roses waiting for me.  I just find this so special.  My ex-husband never got me flowers.  And I am not one of those freaks who thinks I need flowers every other week, but once in a while is nice, very nice to be exact.  It just feels good to be loved.  So it was a quiet Valentine’s Day, and that is just fine by me.  The girls were happy, I am happy, I think Milkman is happy–all is well on this Valentine’s Day night.


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