Oh what to post?

What to post?  The blue sky pic I took for the picture a day or a pic of my awesome girl at swim practice?  Ok, you twisted my arm, I will post both!

I love the blue sky picture.  The sky was gorgeous today.  It was cold, but the sky was gorgeous!  I am a FL native so days that don’t get highs higher than the 60’s are brutal for me.  But I must keep perspective because soon there will be days that don’t get lows below 75.  Those are the days your electric bill goes insane and you die from heat exhaustion checking the mail.  Winter is wonderful in Florida, but summer is hell–hot as hell to be exact.  And that doesn’t even speak to the fabulousness of hurricane season.  (I hate hurricane season!!!!)

My other pic is of Allie at swim practice.  She has jumped in with both feet and is doing so great.  She isn’t the fastest, but she tries so hard and still seems to love it.  She makes me so proud.  I suspect my picture on Saturday will be at her first mini-competition which they call ribbon races.  We all can’t wait to see it!

Hoping for a good week!  Hope the same for you!


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