A photo a day…

Each morning, or at least I try each morning, to take a picture of my girls (sorry one is blurry today).  Last year I did great, only missing a few days when I traveled for work–click here— this year hasn’t been as good, but it isn’t terrible.  (This Year)  I always post them on Facebook, I think family and friends far away enjoy it.  I do get some comments such as, “I can’t believe you make them do that”, “why do you do that”, “are you nuts?”.  In the beginning, my oldest didn’t love it.  In fact I tried one year, and she made me stop 1/2 way through.  But now it is habit.  My youngest acts like she loves it.  I think someday they will enjoy looking back and seeing these pictures.  I know I do.  I love them so much, and I always hope they know that.  They are my world.  They are the reason I breath.  They are my perfect, wonderful angels!


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