This is much harder than I thought!

This photo a day thing has been much harder than I thought!  Today was “hands” and I had envisioned a plan for this in my head, but my head never seems to be with me when I need it.  I had thought a great hands pic would be to take a pic of me and my girls hands together.  Sounds great, right?  Well, I forgot this morning, and I forgot this afternoon when they stopped by, and now they are off to their dad’s for the weekend.  Crap–this photo a day wasn’t supposed to be this stressful!

So instead, I took a shot of my hands typing.  It seems like that is all I really do anyways.  I work from home for a virtual school so I am always on the computer, perhaps too much.  I can see I am getting older from my hands.  A woman’s hands show many things.  Hands show your age.   They show if you are single.   I think we forget to take care of our hands, perhaps I will do that tonight!


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